近代日本大衆音楽における「大陸」: その理想と現実
~ Modern Japanese Popular Music and ‘the Continents’: The Dream and Actuality

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麻場友姫胡「戦前日本のコスモポリタニズムと3つの『大陸』: 中国へ渡ったタンゴ演奏家たち」

張佳能 「『大陸歌謡』再考:大衆音楽史の視座からの試み」



Modern Japanese Popular Music and ‘the Continents’: The Dream and Actuality 

28th February 2020, 4pm. Osaka University (Toyonaka Campus), Musicology department

The two presentations in this symposium focus on the pre- to post-war era, and examine the ‘Continental Song’ genre (Tairiku Kayô: Japanese popular song genre that featured China) as well as Japanese Tango musicians in China, looking at the ways in which ‘the Continents’—namely ‘China’, ‘South America’, and ‘Europe’—were embodied in popular music performances by musicians in Japan and abroad. Above all, through the lens of migration, travels, exchange, circulation of commodity, as well as human interactions, collisions and experiences, the symposium seeks to go beyond the sonic and visual representations of ‘the Continents’ in Japan, to reveal the ways in which such interchanges greatly impacted Japan’s migration dynamics and the very definition of the ‘Continental Song’ at this time. This symposium draws on the idea of cosmopolitan modernity to engage with musical fascination that is indeed conditioned by, but at the same time goes beyond, the realities and power relations imposed by colonialism and economic imbalances. In doing so, it seeks to rethink the significant ways in which musical aspiration, disappointments, allure and imagination have propelled people to migrate, enabling vibrant musical exchanges and practices that have contributed to the global and multiple music cultures. 

ASABA, Yuiko ‘Cosmopolitanism and the three ‘Continents’ in Prewar Japan: Japanese Tango Musicians in China’

ZHANG, Canon ‘ Rethinking ‘Tairiku Kayô’ (Continental Song Genre): A Study from the Popular Music Historical Perspectives 

Discussants: Yoshikazu Nagai, Masao Nishimura, Yusuke Wajima, Mari Nagatomi